Our clients got warnings due to different offences. In our opponent list you will find an exemplary enumeration of opponents. The list is about real and processed mandates and not about “a choice of companies or individuals, which we know about information source of warnings concerning the sector Copyright Law, Trademark Law or Competition Law”, as many of our colleagues maintain, who take over our list of components. However, here also applies the rule that the original is always better than the copy resp. practice is better than theory.
Most of the warnings were made due to offences against the Trademark Law, Copyright Law or Competition Law. In these instances we advised our clients and we acted extra-judicially and judicially. Our list of components contains cases as from 2005.
According to a decision of the Federal Constitutional Court, the publication of opponent lists on the internet is permitted  (judgement of the Federal Constitutional Court dated December 12, 2007, file number 1 BvR 1625/2006). However, the publication of client lists is not permitted due to the obligation to maintain secrecy.
The opponent list is not associated with an assessment of the person, who makes the warning. It also doesn’t say, if the warning was justified or not. On the basis of facts we are able to say to our clients that we are faced with warnings every day and that we gained a lot of experience. Furthermore, the fact that a lawyer knows the opponent very well and that he has insider information can be an advantage for the recipient of a cease and desist order. The same applies to information of certain sectors or to legal or practical information of different holders of rights.

Opponent List

Please note:

Names without asterisk have one or two warnings. Names, which are marked with

*           three to ten warnings
**         more than 10 warnings
***       more than 20 warnings
****     more than 30 warnings
*****   more than 40 warnings
****** more than 50 warnings

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