Not every use of a foreign patent is also a violation

Publication date: 16/08/2010

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Judgement of LG Mannheim (Regional Court Mannheim) of 12/02/2010, file number: 7 O 84/09

If an execution method uses only minor elements of a foreign proceeding, this foreign patent procedure would not be violated. Minor elements are those that do not contribute to the performance of the results of the protected process, but those that only are the object. The user of a foreign patent infringes that patent if he violates a legal duty which protects the patent.

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Modernisation of the Patent Act goes into effect on October 1, 2009

Publication date: 30/09/2009

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Press release of the BMJ (Federal Ministry of Justice) of 30/09/2009

The Patent Act should become easier and more modern for the employee’s invention through changes on the registration, on the system of appeal and on the procedure. We have already reported in May about the decision of the German Parliament due to the law draught to the simplification and modernisation of the Patent Law. The changes enter into force on October 1, 2009.

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