Sex and the city - no broadcast before 20:00 o'clock

Publication date: 26/02/2009

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Judgement of VG Berlin (Administrative Court Berlin) of 28/01/2009, file number: VG 27 A 61.07

With the broadcast of an episode of the serie „Sex and the city “ before 20.00 o'clock ProSieben has offended against the Protection of Young Persons Act, because it could possible prejudice the development of children under 12 years, according to the youth medium protection agreement between the Federal States (JMStV). With these grounds the administrative court Berlin has rejected the claim of the television broadcasting station against an objection decision of the media institution of Berlin-Brandenburg (MABB).

Category: Youth Protection, Media Law, Entscheidungen

Celebrities’ pictures in private affairs

Publication date: 26/02/2009

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Press release of BGH (Federal Supreme Court) of 17.02.2009, file number: VI ZR 75/08

Also celebrities are able to prohibit the publication and spreading of photos, which were taken in public, if these exhibit private life processes. The right on personality free development is priority in such situation.

Category: Media Law, Photo Law, Celebrities, Press Law, Press Releases, Entscheidungen

Private Function - claim for damages by music reproduction at wedding?

Publication date: 11/02/2009

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Judgement of AG Bochum (Local Court Bochum) of 20/01/2009, file number: 65 C 403/08

Also with numerous invited guests and without need of presentation of a written invitation, the reproduction of a piece of music at a wedding means no injury of the copyright if just personally invited guests take part in the event and thereby all visitors generate the feeling that they belong to a private function.

Category: Media Law, Music Law, Copyright Law, Entscheidungen
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