How does legal advice online work?

We will advice you within the scope of our online legal advice via email. Just use our form for the online legal advice or send us an email to info (at) Due to our legal advice online we are not dependent on the office hours. Phrase you legal problem whenever and wherever you want.

Please summarize your legal problem and, if necessary, attach enclosures. Due to the described matter we will estimate, if your enquiry for an online legal advice is appropriate. Normally, you will receive an answer free of charge on the next day. If your enquiry is urgent due to a deadline (for example warnings), please tell us. Then, we will contact you immediately.

If your enquiry is not appropriate for an online legal advice, we would like to offer a legal advice via telephone. A mandate will just come about, if we have accepted your enquiry.

Legal advice online or legal advice by telephone?

Enquiries, which are appropriate for an online legal advice, are normally simple facts of a case, which do not require a great demand.

Complex enquiries or enquiries with many enclosures are often not suitable for an online legal advice. In such a case we recommend a legal advice by telephone.

In such cases, it must be guaranteed in your own interest that you don’t forget important details, which seem to be unimportant. In practice, important odds and ends are decisively.

Furthermore, you have to consider that most of our areas of legal advice are very difficult fields of law, which even are a great problem for unspecialized lawyers. That’s just the point, as our clients have the most different previous knowledge – from the absolute layman to the expert of a company’s legal department. Due to our long lasting experience in legal advice by telephone, we are able to calculate your legal knowledge quickly and to coordinate our legal advice. Furthermore, we immediately recognize it, if you are not able to follow our explanations in a telephone call. Then, we will explain it again to make sure that will understand the matter. It’s very important for us that you understand our legal advice. It’s your suit and you have to come to a decision. Within the scope of the legal advice by telephone, we can therefore ensure that you have understood our advice – it doesn’t matter how complex your matter will be.

We almost act exclusively throughout Germany and we have advised our clients within the scope of online legal advice or legal advice by telephone for years now. That’s why we are able to say, if your enquiry for an online legal advice or legal advice by telephone is appropriate. Often we combine them. Trust our long-standing experience.

You will definitely receive a legal advice at the highest levelfast and uncomplicated.

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Prompt legal advice online from specialised lawyers: fast, competent and uncomplicated

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