The concept "intellectual property" is not part of the legal jargon in the narrow sense. Nevertheless, this concept is widespread in the business community. The protection of intellectual creations has, within the actual service society of this time of information, the same importance as the protection of the “classical” property 100 years ago. Therefore, the protection of the intellectual property of any kind should be pursued with high priority as soon and as effective as possible within a reasonable business risk minimization.

The “intellectual property” of inventions and technological inventions can be effectively protected, for instance, through the patent and utility model rights. For the protection of artistic and aesthetically designed forms, we count with the utility model law. Other intellectual creations could also enjoy copyright protection under certain circumstances. Due to the variety of the possible legal approaches, the best protection strategy for each individual case should be determined only by a specialised lawyer. :: Law Firm Hild & Colleagues :: Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 55 :: 86150 Augsburg ::::
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