German Trademark

  • Fast registration
  • Effective in advertising due to the possibility to do advertising with a branded product or a service
  • Ideal minimal coverage also for developments in the future
  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio

Due to the low costs for a trademark registration of 300 Euros (official fee of the German Patent and Trademark Office for 3 classes of goods resp. services) each company should protect its goods or services.

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Community Trademark (EU trademark)

  • Trademark rights for a market of about 350 million inhabitants, protection in 27 present member states
  • In case of an EU enlargement your community trademark expands automatically without any additional costs
  • The lawfully use is eased compared with national trademarks: EU – vast monopoly right, even if the trademark is used in one member state
  • Procedural advantages, for example, due to the choice of court of jurisdiction
  • Efficient application system
  • Easy trademark administration
  • Integration of existing national trademarks into the community trademark is possible
  • Lacks of trademark rights can be closed easier
  • Considerably cheaper than the registration of respective national trademarks
  • Community trade can be integrated in an international trademark. So the advantages of a community trademark can be combined with the advantages of an international trademark.

Disadvantages of a community trademark:

  • Due to the registration process the community trademark registration takes a long time

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International Trademark

  • Worldwide protection possible
  • Uniform registration, instead of different national trademarks
  • It’s not necessary to have a trademark representative in each national state
  • The registration is much more faster that the registration of a community trademark
  • Easy trademark administration
  • Considerably cheaper than the registration of respective national trademarks

Disadvantages of an international trademark:

  • Complicated application process

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