• Judicial and extra-judicial enforcement and defense of copyright claims
  • Warning
  • File sharing & swap meet
  • Copyright Criminal Law
  • Protection of Copyright of websites (texts, pictures, programming, etc)
  • Protection of software
  • DRM – Digital Right Management
  • Agency agreement, web-design contracts

Just in our information era, mental efforts of the originator are often injured. The mental effort of copyrighted works of an originator such as texts, music, pictures, software, etc shows an important achievement. With increase of the internet, the spreading of copyrighted works has exorbitantly increased. At the same time, however, the technical advancement allows the originator to easily locate the copyright offences. The copyrighted works can be found as fast as they are copied. The amount in dispute, for a single multiplied work, lies mostly between 5.000 and 10.000 euro. Besides, high compensation claims threaten.

In cases such as warnings of file sharing in file-sharing networks, an important technical know-how is also necessary together with the juridical special knowledge.

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