• Distribution agreement, selective distribution agreements, distribution bon systems
  • License agreement (trademarks, copyrights, design patents, software, IT)
  • Contracts about the collaboration of companies
  • Technology contracts, research contracts, development contracts

The main subject matter of the Antitrust Law is the prohibition of cartels, i.e. the prohibition of anticompetitive agreements between companies as well as the prohibition of the misuse of a market domination position through companies. Furthermore, the Antitrust Law governs the control of mergers.

Here you have to consider that the Antitrust Law doesn’t only concern the activity of global companies. Even if two companies come to an agreement in the same city, you can infringe the Antitrust Law. Should exist a relation to foreign countries or should exist the possibility that companies or citizens of an EU country are affected due to the border closeness, the European Antitrust Law applies.

In the case of a violation of the Antitrust Law, hard punishments as well as claims are threatened by the Competition Commission.

Numerous contracts or oral agreements violate the Antitrust Law, even if many companies don’t realize it. Therefore, a very simple formulation can contain financial explosive substance. That’s why all contracts, which concern the collaboration with other companies, have to be inspected for the compatibility with the Antitrust Law.

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