Lawyer warnings & defence of warnings

As our law firm is specialized in the sectors Internet/IT Law, Industrial Property Protection (especially Trademark Law, Copyright Law and Competition Law) and Entertainment Law, we deal with warnings every day. We represent a lot of holder of rights, competitors and media companies as well as hundreds of clients, who received a warning privately or relating to business.

Due to our daily practice on both sides, our clients have the advantage to benefit from our experience. Therefore, we are able to minimize the risks and costs for our clients. As we act throughout Germany on many different courts and as we know the most different adjudications, our clients can benefit from it.

Why you should contact a specialist solicitor?

... because only a specialist solicitor is able to enforce your rights effectively and thus is able to protect your intellectual property and your company.

… because a specialist solicitor often contrives ways and means to shuffle out of  justified warnings (often without any costs) and only a specialist solicitor is able to ensure that the declaration to cease and desist is formulated correctly and that the risk of a prospective infringement will be minimized.

Who makes warnings?

Here you will find an excerpt of our list of opponents.

What will be warned?

A small overview of our daily consultation practice …

Further information you will find additionally in the corresponding areas of advice.

  • Warning product piracy/trademark piracy
  • Warning logo of a company/company name
  • Warning trademark infringement on the internet (meta elements, Google AdWords, etc.)
  • Warning Trademark Law due to registration of a domain resp. use of a website under a domain
  • Warning due to a trademark registration
  • Warning file sharing/peer-to-peer network swap meet (upload and download mp3, movies)
  • Warning homepage due to the assumption of contents (pictures, text, layout, programming, city maps)
  • Warning imprint/German Teleservices Act
  • Warning revocation/cancellation policy/indoctrination of return
  • Warning GTC
  • Warning quotation of price
  • Warning information duty
  • Warning competition law due to advertising/slogans :: Law Firm Hild & Colleagues :: Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 55 :: 86150 Augsburg ::::
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