• Judicial and extra-judicial enforcement and defence of cease and desist letters, information claims, compensation claims and destruction claims
  • Obtaining of injunctions and temporary orders against foreign infringers
  • Border confiscation
  • Attendance at exhibitions and exhibition temporary orders
  • Trademark Criminal Law and Copyright Criminal Law

Product Piracy

Product piracy from cheap countries represents a serious danger for every enterprise. Product piracy leads not only to loss of sales and to break in prices. Product piracy also leads to reputation damage of the enterprise if the buyer purchases an imitated product without knowledge and the plagiarism product does not correspond to the quality expectations. However, the money blows up in advertising budgets worth millions.

Hardly any enterprise can afford not to act against piracy. Product piracy and trademark piracy must have top priority. It requires a specific enterprise strategy to act against the abuse.

We help you efficiently to act against product piracy in order to protect your products. Due to our long experience we are able to enforce your rights fast and efficiently – extrajudicial and judicially. Of course we assert here your information claims, compensation claims and destruction claims.

Through suitable connection points, even an action against foreign infringers is possible with the help of the quick and, compared to international justice, also efficient German judicial system. In contrast to other legal systems, in the German justice there is always a reimbursement of costs against the infringer.

Usually, in case of infringement lawsuits, we calculate our fees according to the amount in dispute. Basically, the infringer must refund these fees. Even taking into account failures due to insolvency, etc., and in case of massive enforceability of rights, such procedures are often cost-neutral  or produce even additional income for enterprises, depending on the importance of the paid compensation.

Precisely for enterprises which have entrusted large law firms based on hourly rates, huge saving potentials are originated compared with the assertion through those large law firms. Many enterprises have often avoided procedures for this reason. The question is, can you really afford this?

We also protect your products before a infringement happens, e.g., within the scope of border confiscations. After approval of a corresponding application suitable plagiarism products are confiscated at the external EU frontier, airports and harbours. Afterwards they are sent to the juridical representative to be controlled. If an infringement is given, an action can be taken against the manufacturer / exporter as well as against the importer.

If requested, we accompany you to suitable trade exhibitions and immediately proceed there against product piracy. Directly after identification of the infringement we issue a warning in situ, with a deadline of only a few hours. We accompany you here with a team – according to the expected infringement extent – and bring our complete technical equipment, such as printer, scanner, etc. If no undertaking is given and the products and/or catalogues are not removed, we will issue in situ an injunction (so called, exhibition temporary order).

Of course we also help you to enforce your interests legally and to act against product and trademark piracy.

We see our job in a comprehensive and complete assistance, we advice you about which protection rights should be incorporated or amended and/or which technical preventive measures make sense to reinforce the juridical protection of your products.

We do also advice manufacturers, importers and buyers which are accused of plagiarism and, therefore, of infringing protection rights of third parties. In this case, you may take advantage of our experience on the rights owner side. We know exactly when and what is to be done to avoid high costs. Moreover, we try, already at an early stage, to avoid a criminal procedure based on trademark criminal law or copyright criminal law, or to influence the direction of such procedure. We also represent you competently in such procedures.

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File sharing network & Pirate copies

  • Warnings & defense of warnings
  • Judicial and extra-judicial enforcement / defence of cease and desist letter, information claims, compensation claims and destruction claims
  • Automatic supervision of sharing networks and p2p networks regarding law infringements with help of special software (music, films, software)
  • Copyright Criminal Law

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