Appointment as youth protection advocate on your website as from 39,90 € plus VAT per month (47,49 € inclusive VAT) depending from time and effort.

Each person who runs a website, who offers electronic information and communication services on a commercial basis, has to appoint a youth protection advocate according to § 7 German Legal Framework for Electronic Youth Media (German “Jugendmedienschutz-Staatsvertrag JMStV”), if the website contains contents, which endanger the protection of children and young persons (e.g. eroticism, glorification of violence). This even applies to persons who run search engines. The youth protection advocate is the reference person for users and he gives advice to service providers in the matter of protection of children and young persons. Shouldn’t the provider fulfil this obligation, he is threatened by monetary penalty up to 500.000 € - in addition to expensive warnings and competitors - according to § 24 par. 2 German Legal Framework for Electronic Youth Media. Most of the providers also don’t know that an erotic website violates §§ 119, 120 Administrative Offences Act (German “Ordnungswidrigkeitengesetzt OWiG”) and it will be punished with monetary penalty. It is often underestimated that the publication of pornographic documents is a crime according to §§ 184, 184 a - 184 c Criminal Code, which is punished with custodial sentence up to 10 years. Somebody, who trusts in laypeople or providers of adult verification systems, will take a needless risk.

The appointment of a youth protection advocate means a considerable cost factor. In order to save labour costs it is advisable to appoint an external youth protection advocate.

For a monthly package price from 39,90 € plus VAT (the final price is based on time and effort and number of pages) we will perform as youth protection advocate.

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