Law of the Value-Added Service & Consumer Law

  • Huge telephone bills due to value-added service telephone numbers (0900, 0137, 118, etc.)
  • Premium SMS
  • Consumer Law on the internet
  • Defence of claims of allegedly concluded contracts on the internet, so-called subscription traps
  • Defence of payment claims due to dialler dial-up

For a long time there has hardly existed a sector, in which the problems became that bad, like in the sector internet dialler. These programs download themselves unnoticed on the computer of the user and connect themselves to the computer over expensive 0190-telephone numbers. With the introduction of 0900-telephone numbers the problem with internet diallers decreased. Now there is a new problem with premium SMS or allegedly concluded subscription contracts.

The legal regulation for premium SMS is not satisfying now. But there are still possibilities for the injured parties that they don’t have to pay.

The cases of so-called subscription traps increased phenomenally. In such subscription traps the user receives bills without being conscious of the fact that he concluded a contract in this moment. Many users pay hastily or due to a “demand note”, however, there are good chances for you that you don’t have to pay.

As a legal advisor of and we have the necessary legal and technical know-how. So we are able to help our client.

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Here you can do an online check to find out if there is a dialler on your computer.

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