• Consultation from the new business concept to the realization
  • Protection of protective right of internet projects
  • Permanent advice and attendance of internet projects
  • Consultation on information duties in distance selling and e-commerce, etc.
  • GTS’s for online shop and eBay (GTC flat rate)
  • General Terms and Conditions and site policy for internet portals, auction platforms, etc.
  • Websites check completely secure against warnings (cancellation policy, edition notice, information duties, etc.)
  • Data policy on the internet
  • IT contracts (provider, hosting, domain, agency, web design contracts, ad banner contract)

Throughout our long-standing practice in the e-commerce we advised the most different and most eccentric projects. Even today we are often astounded of the creativity of our clients, who come up with new business models again and again. Here we advise you from the business concept to the realization and we guide the projects. To save on the legal advice would be fatal, as with some projects you can’t even realize the business concept for some reasons. It’s senseless, if you would recognize that after you have invested a lot of money in your project. Other companies or persons, who launch such projects, will get warnings from their established competitors directly after they have started it, because they violate the Competition Law.

Therefore, we do not only create General Terms and Conditions or site policy, but we guide comprehensively. This is the only way to secure your business model or your website from warnings.

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