• Judicial and extra-judicial enforcement and defence of claims
  • Warnings
  • Blockage of domains due to providers
  • Alternative-Dispute-Resolution-Proceedings (ADR-Proceedings) for EU-Domains
  • International arbitration proceedings (e. g. WIPO and Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy proceedings) for top level domains (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz)
  • Domain dispute
  • Domain-advising for a domain, which has to be registered or which are registered
  • Trademark check
  • Domain consulting and domain management for companies
  • Domain mediation
  • Domain transfer contracts, domain sales contract
  • Domain sharing and license agreements
  • GTC’s for domain providers

For companies domains are a very precious commodity today. You will hardly find a business concept or a product, which will be able to assert itself without the corresponding domain due to the strong competition. This is the reason why domains are also traded at high costs.

However, private persons or companies are not allowed to register every free domain, but they infringe third-party’s rights, e.g. Trademark Laws, a company's logo, work title, naming and personality rights or you violate the Competition Law. In case of domain conflicts you mostly have to expect a value in dispute of 50.000 €, sometimes even much more. Therefore, you have to gather legal information before you will register a domain, should the registration or the web project infringe third-party’s rights. In case of the use of the domain you have to contact a lawyer at the latest. Companies should make use of competent legal advice before they will contact the owner of the domain, as otherwise the requested transfer of the domain could perhaps be prevented.

In addition to our legal knowledge we have also gained long-standing practical experience with the registration and the transfer of domains, as we already registered domains for our own law firm. Our domain “kanzlei.biz” speaks for itself. Therefore, you don’t have to explain what a KK application or a dispute entry is. This is why we are able to use our practical experience in the case of our legal advice. This is a great advantage for you.

Information for Domain Law

 Here you will find topical subjects, judgments, laws as well as comments and contributions on the subject of Internet Law.

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