What is Internet Law/IT Law?

In practice there are different descriptions for the Internet Law, for example: Internet Law, Online Law, IT Law, Multimedia Law, New Media Law, etc. Some of these terms are coincident, for example in the sector of Online Law; others are about generic terms, for example in the sector of IT Law; and in other cases it is about branches of the Internet Law, for example Domain Law or E-Commerce Law. The easier way to say it is that the Internet Law comprises all the facts, which are related to the internet, the IT Law is more general and comprises all facts, which are related to the sector of IT or telecommunication.

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The Internet Law/Online Law, as well as the IT Law, belong to the dynamic branches of law. Although the internet has never been above the law, there are still numerous constellations where you will enter unknown juristic territory. Here, there are often court decisions, which are contradictory. Only the person, who masters the IT Law and the Internet Law fundamentally and who always is informed about current developments, is able to advice clients optimally. Moreover, you often have to consider the aspects of Trademark, Unfair Competition or Copyright Law in connections to the facts of Internet or IT Law. Only a few law firms are able to offer such a perfect organisation by acting in such interlocked and related branches of law. There is no other branch of law than the Internet and IT Law which requires a solid understanding of the technical basics apart from a well-founded special knowledge.

These are the prerequisites, which we make sure due to permanent further training every day. Memberships in professional associations and a permanent interdisciplinary exchange make solutions possible, which are practice-oriented. Should we come across difficult technical questions, we have an excellent network of experts, who help us to crack the problem.   

Information to the Internet Law /Online Law

Internet Law – a challenge for companies.

Here you will find current news & judgements, laws as well as articles for Internet Law.

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Informations to the IT Law

Here you will find current news and judgments as well as laws to the Internet Law.

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