• Formation of agreements in the sector of the creation and exploitation of compositions (among others band acquisition agreement, artist contract, license contract, management contract; merchandising contract, sponsoring contract, publishing contract, distribution agreement)
  • Judicial and extra-judicial enforcement, especially of claims regarding the Copyright Law
  • Advice of creation of music projects
  • Music-swapping service

The Music Law contains a lot of different fields of law. The central problems of the Music Law are especially situated in the sectors Copyright Law, Industrial Property Protection and the Right of Publication.

In the sector Music Law we are focused on the formation of contracts, especially artist contracts, management contracts, band acquisition agreements, license contracts, publishing contracts, sponsoring contracts, merchandising contracts, distribution agreements etc.

We advice and support musicians, producers and music publishers of all types of music on the conclusion of all music contracts, on arguments between contracting parties as well as on all legal questions about the protection of intellectual property on compositions (copyright of titles, pirate copies, licensing of external compositions).

Furthermore, we advice you in all relevant questions about the collecting society like the Performance Right Society (in German GEMA) or the GVL.

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