Labour & Employment Law

  • Employment Contracts
  • Management Contracts
  • Dismissal and annulment of labor relations
  • Warnings
  • Non-competition clause and obligations to maintain secrecy
  • Copyright on productivity
  • Employee invention
  • Contracts for the use of IT in companies

For employers and employees the Labour Law is an unmanageable matter. Whether employer or employee, you will always be faced with problems of the Labour Law.

In this connection the Labour Law shows gateways among the Economic Law, Unfair Competition Law, IT Law and Copyright Law.

Amendments and a modified jurisdiction force the employers to check the employment contracts constantly. Ineffective contract clauses can cause substantial financial consequences. As an employer, you always have to conform your employment contracts to the modified economical basic conditions. In the meantime, employment contracts of long-standing employees are overage. Are you entitled to the right of use on the productivity of your employees, freelances and service providers? Are they obliged to obligations to maintain secrecy? Can the non-competition clauses stand the legal examination? Even a small form error in the dismissal statement can lead to a lost dismissal protection lawsuit. Labour costs and termination pay have to be paid. Your employer offers you a termination pay, if you are prepared to leave the company at the end of month. Is it worth to accept this offer? Is there a reason for a dismissal? Are there possibilities to avoid a blockade of the unemployment compensation? How does the termination pay affect tax? :: Law Firm Hild & Colleagues :: Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 55 :: 86150 Augsburg ::::
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