Lawyer attachment of debts & collection procedure

Attachment of debts and collection procedure

  • Attachment of debts for companies completely
  • Dunning procedure and order to pay
  • Enforcement
  • Assertion of claims in insolvency

There hardly exists a factor, which stresses companies more than open claims of clients, who do not pay. This often is the reason, why companies have their own financial difficulties. So, an effective and quick action is necessary.

Did you know that the debtor has to pay the attorneys’ fees of the attachment of debts, if he cannot pay immediately?

According to the jurisdiction, the debtor doesn’t have to pay the costs of a debt collection agency, if it was expected, that the debtor is not able to pay or if a lawyer is needed. In such a case you will come to rest upon the costs.

As lawyers, we do not only enforce your claims out of court, but we also check, if your claims can be enforced legally. We will do the collection procedure or a lawsuit for you and we look after an effective enforcement.

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