• Legal advice at the highest level on account of our high specialisation: objective advice in the internal relationship, subjective enforcement of your rights in external relations
  • Nationwide activity with a competent knowledge of the appropriate jurisdiction of the different courts
  • Perfect alignment of our practice by exclusive activities in related areas of law – this spectrum is offered by only very few law firms all over the country
  • Our long experience in technical and economic questions in the areas of Internet and IT Law
  • The offensive enforcement of your rights, no matter whether you are holder of rights or must defend yourself.

Especially in everyday life in law firms you can observe that clients have no idea - and due to the fluent passage they cannot be expected to have it - in which area their legal problem should be allocated. Then a copyright case turns out to be an infringement of the trademark law, an infringement of the trademark law turns out to be an unfair competitive offence. In companies you can notice that an apparently easy project with a clear aim, for example an internet portal, touches the whole spectrum of the internet law and the industrial property protection. In this case it is advisable to instruct a specialised law firm, which deals with these areas daily and which is familiar with the legal problems.

It is our opinion that each client deserves the best advice. To offer advice at the highest stage to our clients we have consciously specialised on branches of law, which belong together and which are interlocked. In the area of the industrial property protection, in particular of the trademark law, unfair competition law and copyright law belongs moreover also the knowledge of the different jurisdiction of the relevant Regional Courts and the Higher Regional Court. Why should you use the service of a lawyer, whereupon the claim was not accepted by the Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf, if, for example, your opponent sues at the Regional Court of Cologne and this courts decided completely different? Because our nationwide activity we know the different jurisdiction from the practise, not only from legal comments.    

Intensive and permanent further training on the basis of specialised literature and seminars are as natural as the membership in numerous professional associations.   

In our opinion, an objective consultation in the internal relationship is the foundation of a good consultation. In the internal relationship we advise you as objective as possible. This is the only possibility to assess your own case. This applies to a consultative job in advance as well as to the estimation of the risks of litigation.

Towards third parties, in the external relationship, we represent you as subjective as possible to enforce your interests.  A very important condition for this is the mutual trust on both sides. This includes that you, as our client, can turn to us regarding all legal problems. It also doesn't make sense, if we recommend legal proceedings to our client, when we are convinced of losing it due to the jurisdiction of the prevailing Regional Court.  A client who has lost a lawsuit won't come back again. This is the reason why whitewashing does not help even when a client wants to hear from his lawyer that he is able to enforce or to avert claims belonging to the case. In practice we often recognise that opponents conduct legal proceedings, which are hopeless and therefore they cause high costs. In such cases we are sure that there is no lack of competence of the opposing lawyer, however, in many cases, not specialised lawyers do not recognise the relevant points of the case.

We always represent your interests offensively, even if you are the "hunted", e.g. as a cautioned. Due to our practice we know very well how we get you out of your "defensive position". In the case of football we would say that we don't play the game of the other team. Scoring goals is better than putting eleven people in our own goal.

On every consultation we see ourselves as a service company and our aim is to contribute to your success by giving you our knowledge. Therefore, we don't only use our whole energy and our legal skills, but also transmit our long experience in internet law / IT law as well as our economic experience. Of course, the protection of our clients on their ideas will be retained.

For the client it becomes more and more difficult to say whether he has found the right and competent lawyer for his case.  As a service company we face the challenge of the market. So that you can form an opinion about our competence, we do not only offer you information all around our law firm but also, as service, detailed information on our website. There you will also find critical comments to judgements and to the current legal situation. In our newsletter we inform you about current developments.

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