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Success through specialization


As lawyer Hild officially founded the former Law Firm Hagen Hild on December 1st, 2001, it was not foreseeable that this would evolve into one of the most specialised law firms in Germany in the field of Internet Law and Industrial Property Protection.

Immediately after his study and legal clerkship, lawyer Hild began – at that time completely alone – his work on 120 square meter in a beautiful Art Nouveau building of the famous Augsburg architect Gollwitzer in the Volkhart Street in Augsburg. Mainly family and friends were present at the opening ceremony on December 1st, 2001, but also the first clients, who still remain loyal to us. We remember the exhibition of paintings from the famous French artist Fred Bourguignon in our rooms. Fred Bourguignon († 2008) left his pictures a little longer in our office since he found the rooms without pictures “too sad”. The donations from the sale of his artwork at the opening night went to the Bunten Kreis in Augsburg.  Meanwhile, the walls of the law firm are well adorned with pictures.

Already in 2001, lawyer Hild recognized, as one of the first lawyers, the legal significance of the Internet and its problems for companies and consumers. Many ridiculed the consistent orientation to the field of Internet Law, which was still a novelty at that time and rarely offered by any law firm nationwide.

Founded as a one-man law firm, without a single client and no connections, the Law Firm grew precise and fast through the specialization into an IT-Law and Industrial Property Protection boutique.


Already in 2002 appeared a first website, created personally by lawyer Hild. A short time later, this website was converted in the domain www.kanzlei.biz, which also today characterizes our law firm name.

Back then lawyer Hild made a point of training. This is still one of the recipes for success of our firm.


2003 was the first milestone in the law firm:

Mrs Sabine Hild stepped in as law firm director and with Sandra Nedobijczuk came the first apprentice to paralegal. Miss Nedobijczuk is still working with us and we remember well the days when we worked together in the smallest circle.

The first re-launch of the website happened together with the conversion to – the then still relatively unknown – Content-Management-System Typo3.

Lawyer Hild gave the first interviews to ZDF Wiso, Frontal 21, Planetopia, ARD Ratgeber Recht (ARD Legal Advisor), RTL Extra, SAT 1 News, PRO 7 News, Bayern 3 – across, Antenne Bayern, Computerbild, Berliner Newspaper und die Augsburger Allgemeine Newspaper, these just to name a few. Up to today, lawyer Hild has given more than hundred interviews across almost all major media channels including television, radio and press.

The reputation of the law firm grows. At this point we had already overhauled our business plan. Originally, our goal was to become regionally known within five years. Fortunately, we were already nationwide known.


In 2004 we took another lawyer on board. The volume of the website grew.


Another apprentice to paralegal joined us.

An internal knowledge management system is programmed for us.


Lawyer Monika Bandouch (née Feigenbutz) and lawyer Julian N. Modi amplify the circle of lawyers. Both are still working for us today. Mrs Bandouch, actually in parental leave, will join us again soon. The secretary office grew and the first students started their work as legal employees.

The law firm grew steadily with own strength and with its clients.

The old rooms quickly outgrew. Therefore, we acquired in the core of Augsburg and in the best position, 250 sqm fantastic rooms in an old building in the Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 55 setting the foundation for further growth. We moved there, our office today, after an extensive renovation in autumn 2006. About two kilometres of network cable was installed here. The Art Nouveau facade can be found time and again in some presentations, such as head image of our blog or in our newsletter.

Due to the growing of the law firm, a name change into Law Firm Hild & Colleagues happened.


Our website is re-launched mid 2007 and developed into a complex portal.


Lawyer Hild is awarded in spring the titles Certified Lawyer in IT Law and Certified Lawyer in Protection of Industrial Property.

In 2008 we acquired further 175 sqm in the house at the Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 55, as it is already apparent that the law firm will continue to grow.

The legal team is enlarged with two more lawyers and also the secretary office was accordingly extended. Meanwhile a foreign language correspondent supports our team. The contents of knazlei.biz are translated into English. This English site is one of the widest sites in English language of a German law firm.

At the end of this year, we start to send every 14 days our newsletter, which provides information about actual judgement and news in our field.


Lawyer Alexander Wagner and lawyer Jörg Khöber amplify the lawyer’s team. At the end of 2009, seven lawyers operate in the Law Firm Hild & Colleagues.

Under the abmahnBAROMETER (German for warning barometer), we inform about warnings. The site becomes new features, e.g. a database search by court name, file number and date. This feature can rarely be found in this form, not even under fee-based legal databases.

Our English website is now fully accessible under www.lawfirm.biz, also our Spanish site is added and accessible under www.bufete.biz. Both names mean “law firm” in German and therefore correspond ideally to www.kanzlei.biz. We have recruited a philologist, a native Spanish speaker, who after completing her studies in Anglistics is also responsible for the attention of foreign clients and for the international correspondence.


With www.anwalt.mobi, another domain is launched as a mobile site for our clients. This site includes the entire contents of kanzlei.biz and has been optimized to be used on smart phones.

kanzlei.biz has been expanded all these years. There can be found in 2010 over 2,500 relevant news and judgements related to the branches of Internet / IT-Law, Intellectual Property and Media Law. Of course, we are also on Facebook and Twitter.

The next floor is being renovated since our rooms burst at the seams.


Move-in into another floor, and thus an extension of the firm office to 425 sqm.

Lawyer Kilian Besler returns to the firm after participating in a European Legal Informatics Study Programme (EULISP) at the Leibniz University of Hannover with a semester abroad in Oslo. Mr Besler worked for us already from 2009 to 2010, he has completed this postgraduate study obtaining the two master titles, Master of Laws (IT-Law and Intellectual Property Protection) and Master of Laws (Information and Communication Technology).

In the former one-man law firm works a 30 member law firm team. All eight lawyers and certified lawyers work in the same Internet / IT-Law field, Industrial Property Protection and Media Law.

After ten years of existence, kanzlei.biz – Law Firm Hild & Colleagues belongs to the most demanded law firms active in our fields within Germany. Due to our perfect alignment and the sole activity within related and interlocking branches of law, we offer a specialized range, as very few law firms can afford nationwide. Our lawyers and certified lawyers have demonstrated their expertise in more than hundred interviews in the press, radio and television.

The information portal kanzlei.biz provides as a German law firm with the largest national free offer of the specialized field through over 3,500 news and judgements relevant to the branches of Internet /IT-Law, Intellectual Property and Media Law and through the database search by keyword, date, court name and file number.

We thank our staff, which together with you made from us the successful law firm that we are today.

What particularly pleases us is the faithfulness of our clients, for which we would like to express our sincerest thanks at this point. Since 10 years, you give us consistently your trust. We have grown with you and many of you have grown with us. We remember small start-ups that developed to companies with a turnover in the two-digit million euro range. We are especially proud for sharing your success and continue to support you true to our motto: „Objective advice internally, subjective enforcement of your rights externally“. Nowadays, we represent nationwide top-class domestic and foreign clients

We have never forgotten from our own experience, that a small idea may grow up into a great success, so that we support your rights with the same energy and fervor. 

Today’s success makes us proud and represents an incentive for the future. The achievement so far is an obligation to always work in ourselves and our performance so that you keep on trusting us in the future.

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