The law firm Hild & Colleagues is a dynamic law firm based in the Bavarian Augsburg. We are centrally located in the city centre and we have a parking area directly next to our firm.

We are specialized in Internet / IT Law, Industrial Property Protection and Media Law. The consultation of our clients is guaranteed by legally founded specialist knowledge in connection with a solid understanding of the technical basics. Memberships in professional associations and a permanent interdisciplinary exchange make solutions possible, which are practice-oriented.

The law firm Hild & Colleagues was established in 2001 as a single office – without one single client. Today we act almost exclusively throughout Germany and we are one of the most popular law firms in our sector. Furthermore we act on behalf of many clients from the European and the non-European foreign countries.

A determined team of lawyers and legal professionals in the areas of Internet / IT Law, Intellectual Property and Media Law ensures an advice at the highest level being able to enforce your rights. Due to our specialization we exclusively compete with few law firms in our sector, which act throughout Germany.

Since 2006 we own a modern, 250 sq.m. big bureau in an old building with the best technical infrastructure. We also use special software to reveal and to ensure, for example, legal infringements. The application of the Internet round-the-clock is a matter of course for us and there probably are only a few things which we have not seen yet.

Intensive and permanent further training on the basis of specialized literature for all employees, and not only for our lawyers, are as natural as the membership in numerous professional associations. Our library encloses approx. 1.500 specialist volumes only about our field. Furthermore, we have access to the online databases, which are very important for us. Moreover, we maintain our own database for the management of important judgements and own comments.  Here, we collect our own acquired knowledge and we quickly recall it, if required. The luxury to have such a database is something that many law firms certainly don’t have. The advantage for the client justifies the high expenses for us.

Lawyer Hild is authorized as certified lawyer in IT Law as well as certified in Protection of Industrial Property since 2008.

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