Modernization of a copyrighted building

Publication date: 22/11/2010

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Judgement of the OLG Stuttgart (Higher Regional Court Stuttgart) of 06/10/2010, Az: 4 U 106/10

During modification of a copyrighted building, the interest in the modernization outweighed the interest of the author of an unmodified maintenance of the building. Balancing of interests, the modification should include the nature and scope of the protected structure and the remaining protective effect of the relevant copyright law, which, however, reduces the expiry of the protection time. Any possible planning alternatives and their costs implications should not be really taken into account as general and public interests.<span style="font-weight:...

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Copyright in the area of architecture and engineering

Publication date: 27/04/2010

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Every single day, the industry must fight against the spreading of pirate copies of copyrighted works. Especially the use of file sharing networks – in which music files, films or computer programs are made available for the mass-market unauthorised and free of charge – gets the right holder. Further one meets in nearly all areas of the internet the phenomenon that, via copy & paste, copyrighted pictures or texts may simply be used without the approval of the real originator. This originates several infringements of the rights of the creator of those works.

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