• Trademark Applications – national trademarks, community trademarks (Europe), international Trademarks
  • Representation of trademarks for foreign trademark applicants
  • Trademark supervision after the trademark application
  • Trademark objections, Trademark cancellations
  • Copyright of titles
  • Warnings and defence of warnings
  • Extra-judicial and judicial enforcement and defence of trademark claims
  • Trademark infringements due to domain names or contents of websites
  • Trademark infringements due to the exploitation of the technical features of the internet (for example meta elements, links, dynamic contents)
  • Brand piracy and product counterfeiting due to plagiarism
  • Border confiscation
  • Trademark Criminal Law

Why Trademark Application:

Within the scope of a globalised economy and the possibility to recall information worldwide, the trademark protection for companies became more and more important in the last years and it really contributes to success of failure of a company.

The protection of goods and services is very important. Markets have to be defended from competitors and copyists to assure the turnover and profit for a long time. It doesn’t only apply to big companies, but to companies of every size. The worldwide availability of the internet involves that most of the companies do not only offer their products and services in Germany, but also Europe-wide and worldwide.

Often companies do not realize the meaning of trademarks until a competitor absorbs markets through a trademark, of which you thought they were safe. Some products can no longer be sold to foreign countries or foreign markets ceased to exist.

With national trademarks, the community trademark for EU countries or international trademarks an effective trademark protection will be guaranteed.

Which goods and services have to be protected today and in the future and what kind of trademark protection can be offered here, is part of an extensive brand strategy. It can consist of one or more trademarks (national trademarks, community trademarks, international trademarks). Here it is necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of different trademark systems and to consider them with the choice of the trademarks. Trademark protection is more than the completion of a form or the query of trademark register. This separates successful companies with an effective trademark protection from companies, which only see the costs at the trademark registration. With the registration of a trademark you can’t see how good a trademark protection is, but you can see it in case of a trademark infringement.

Trademark Application

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