Event and Sports Law

Event and Sports Law

Media Law

Based on the law of the classic media in the area of press, broadcasting and film, the today’s Media Law developed from the foundation of constant developments of the new information technologies and emerged as a comprehensive and especially economically very important field of law. Beside specific media standards like the Press State Law, Broadcasting Rights, Interstate Treaty on Broadcasting, State Treaty on Media as well as the Telecommunication Law, the Media Law contains all fields of law, which directly correspond to the media. Therefore, there are strong links to the Internet Law, Copyright Law and Unfair Competition Law.

Especially in the sector of the Press and Film Rights it very important to know the sectoral procedures in order to grant a fast and efficient legal proceeding.

Due to the respective education and further trainings as well to the practical experience in media companies and production companies, we have a great familiarity with special knowledge and practical know-how.

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